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The ideal cure of weariness, newness and tidiness is a warm water.

This product offering is an augmentation to our all around far reaching range of Havells moment water warmers that convey heated water while being energy effective.

This new reach is an ideal mix of style and utility. It is shock and smear evidence and follows a high wellbeing and assurance standard. So investigate the series and settle on a shrewd buy choice today!

A water warmer is one of the significant machines in each family of any locale that encounters outrageous or if nothing else some level of winter chill. Regardless of whether winter and cold water isn’t actually a test in your home, a moment water radiator can be a helpful method of getting moment boiling water for viable cleaning of utensils and for different purposes.

Water radiators come in all sizes and shapes and give shifting level of components and limits. Contingent upon explicit regions, where gas supply to a family is accessible through pipe and different means, moment water radiator that utilizes gas to warm water is an advantageous and less expensive method of guaranteeing boiling water in a jiffy. Gas based water warmers can set aside to half of all out energy cost that you would cause utilizing the conventional power based capacity water radiators.

At the point when you utilize a capacity water warmer to warm water then you wind up warming significantly more water than you really need and afterward you may not promptly wind up utilizing it, whenever it has warmed up. This prompts a great deal of squandered energy. Then again, moment water warmers give moment heated water as and when you wanted.

Havells has a scope of water warmers for a wide range of requirements. The Flagro NG is a gas based quick water radiator that gives top tier warming execution without thinking twice about the wellbeing of people. We should investigate a portion of the components that the momentary gas radiator gives.

Fire out assurance

Throughout activity, if the fire is extinguished for reasons unknown, the moment water warmer will recognize the fire out and remove the gas supply naturally. This guarantees that there is no spillage and any sort of peril is presented to the occupants and the property as the spilled gas can get lighted on the off chance that it interacts with a wellspring of fire or electrical sparkle.

Youngster Lock

To guarantee the wellbeing of kids and senior individuals in the home, the Flagro NG prompt gas water warmer accompanies a youngster lock that recognizes any inappropriate use and naturally turns down the start.

Overheat Protection

On the off chance that the boiling water that streams out of the momentary gas water warmer is extremely high and surpasses the preset worth of 95 degree Celsius then the water radiator will naturally remove the gas supply and the warming will grind to a halt. This guarantees that there is no event of dry consuming bringing about the harm of the apparatus.


Low Pressure Technology furnishes with a low beginning up water tension with an expansive extent of uses.

Hotness Exchanger

The Flagro NG model provisions an exceptionally rock solid hotness exchanger that guarantees a long existence of the compartment and toughness under a wide range of conditions.

20-minute clock security

In the event that, you neglect to wind down the prompt gas water radiator then the warmer will naturally turn itself off following 20 minutes so the energy isn’t squandered and the apparatus isn’t harmed. Along these lines, you can be guaranteed that there is no harm is done on the off chance that you neglect to turn it off after use.

Driven Display

The Flagro NG momentary gas water warmer by Havells accompanies an advanced temperature show for simple and advantageous perusing and to know when precisely the water is prepared for ideal use.


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